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Job Description for General Practice Nurses

Role Title Registered Nurse
Reports To Practice Manager (PM)
Direct Reports Treatment Room Assistants
Role Purpose To manage the provision of services within a Medical Centres’ treatment room and assist Health Care Professionals (HCPs)
Key Responsibilities
Treatment Room Duties
Conduct a range of clinical duties with direction from treating HCPs including; pathology collection, vaccinations, monitoring of ECG, wound dressings, change of linen, clean and sterilise equipment
Customer Service
Greet patients; Build relationship with patients to create patient ease prior to procedure or treatment; Assist HCPs in procedures; Set up and clean before and after treatments; Triage patients
People Management
Rostering; Recruitment; Induction; Managing Performance; Ensure TRAs are following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Treatment Room Administration
Check emergency trolleys; Ensure treatment room is fully stocked; Restock HCPs’ rooms; Ensure equipment is fully maintained and in working order
Key Responsibilities KPI’s Measure of Success
Treatment Room Duties Satisfied HCPs Procedures conducted accurately and to the level required by HCPs
Customer Service Satisfied Patients No patient complaints
People Management Turnover Low employee turnover within treatment room
Treatment Room Administration Timely Rooms and emergency trollies are checked, restocked and sterilised regularly – always ready.
Workplace Health and Safety Responsibilities
  1. Ensure safe working practices and obligations, as per the company WHS policy and procedures for all personnel on site, including visitors, are adhered to in order to maintain a safe working environment
  2. Follow all WHS policies and Management instructions with regards to working safely
  3. Report all incidents, accident or injuries within 24 hours to management using the appropriate incident reporting procedure
  4. Report all Hazards identified with your work processes or working area using the appropriate Hazard report procedure
  5. Conduct WHS inspections of Medical Centre
  6. Has the Authority to make decisions and act on any matters of WHS management within their area of responsibility
Values Examples of Demonstrating the Values
  • Speak positively about the company to fellow employees
  • Responds to patient questions around wait time in a polite manner
  • Reports equipment failure such as printer/clinical equipment  issues to the PM
  • Takes responsibility for making a mistake
  • Reads and asks the PM questions about the Primary Source
  • Makes a suggestion to the PM that results in improved patient processing time
  • Tidies the treatment room
Service Excellence
  • Listens carefully to a HCPs’ issues to gain a full and clear understanding
  • Goes out of his/her way to help a HCP or patient
  • Gets help from the PM or a more experienced colleague to resolve a difficult customer issue
  • Stands in for a sick colleague at short notice/when it is inconvenient
  • Takes the time to help a colleague understand how to use their computer system better
  • Recognises the unique value each person brings to the centre
Stakeholder Value
  • Reads, understands and follows the SOPs
  • Confirms every patient’s treatment details
  • Builds positive relationships with HCPs
Minimum Requirements
  • AHPRA Registered Nurse
  • 3 – 5 years Experience in acute facility
  • Computer Skills, verbal communication skills and Relationship Building; Nursing Skills
Experience Patient Care; Nursing; People Management
Critical Skills Computer skills; Verbal communication skills; Relationship Building; Nursing Skills

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