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Work in Australia as a Doctor
Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Detailed information on working in Australia and how to register as a doctor is available on the DoctorConnect website. This includes:

  • information on Australia’s healthcare system
  • how to find a job
  • contact information for medical recruitment agencies
  • details on the process for obtaining full medical registration and specialist recognition in Australia
  • information on programs to assist employers in rural and regional areas
  • contact details for medical boards, professional associations, and government agencies.

The DoctorConnect website is an Australian Government initiative. It has been developed by the Department of Health and Ageing for doctors trained outside Australia and Australian medical employers.

Requirements for practice

Doctors who wish to practise in Australia must first be registered with the Medical Board in the State or Territory where they intend to practise.

After the visa is granted, doctors must apply to Medicare Australia for a Medicare Provider Number if they will be working in general practice or will be prescribing drugs.

Full details on registration requirements and Medicare are available on the DoctorConnect website.